Everything we do as a business aims to provide the highest quality results which is why our motto is done once, done right. There are many different approaches when it comes to solving the frustrating and stressful problem of leaking showers in your home or rental property, but we believe there is only one permanent and guaranteed solution. We want to fix it once and fix it right to make sure our clients won’t be dealing with bathroom repairs again in weeks, months or years down the track.

Although the upfront cost of a comprehensive ground-up shower repair may seem higher compared to other options such as grout sealing, we believe we provide the most effective and high quality option to solve leaking showers once and for all.

We considered the option of providing grout-sealing or shower sealed services however we decided after conversations with experienced tradespeople and an in-depth analysis of the technical process of grout-sealing, that sealing leaking showers was simply not something we wanted to offer due to our low confidence in the long-term reliability of this method. Additionally, many clients with leaking showers come to us after having already tried getting their shower sealed through another provider that had failed.

So we’ve chosen as a business to provide only one solution to the frustrating problem of water escaping into places that it shouldn’t – our “BBWP Leaking Shower Repair”.

BBWP Leaking Shower Repair – FAQ’s

At 30% of the cost of a full bathroom renovation, a BBWP Leaking Shower Repair is the economical option to precisely repair leaky showers from the sub-floor up to fully guarantee they are watertight.

Our leaking shower repairs start by surgically removing the tiles and wall sheeting to reveal the full extent of the water damage. It’s at this point that we often have the opportunity to:

  • treat mould in the wall to prevent secondary issues down the track
  • repair rotten or damaged wall studs and flooring if this is needed
  • repair aged plumbing to prevent the possibility future leaky showers

The next stage of leaking shower repairs is to re-build the shower with new sheeting (using our bathroom sheeting services) and waterproof the shower, using Brisbane Bathroom Waterproofing’s Crommelin Approved Waterproofing Technique. We have an excellent relationship with Beaumont tiles which makes selecting tiles to match or compliment the rest of the bathroom easy and efficient.

Our trusted tilers and shower screen installers then come in to complete their specialised aspects of the job, following which you will be left with a brand new shower sealed and waterproofed with the rest of your room completely undisturbed.

Our business manager closely oversees all bathroom repairs and shower renovations and assists clients from quoting stage through to completion. Our clients are assisted with all decisions including tiles, tapware, shower screens, etc.

We place great importance on being trustworthy and reliable by respecting your time and your property. We have enjoyed a long-term relationship with all our trade partners and trust them to also uphold our expectations for quality results and customer service.

While a BBWP Leaking Shower Repair is more expensive than simply sealing over tiles, the cost of typical leaking shower repairs come in at around 30% of the price of a full bathroom renovation.

However, if the full bathroom is to be renovated later on this can be done without having to redo the shower effectively meaning your pre-paying 30% of your future bathroom renovation now. We also provide full bathroom renovations so can assist you with this later on down the track as well.

Shower leaks can be different from job to job and we would generally need to inspect your job before being able to provide an exact quote although often measurements and several good photos are enough to give a price range to help you decide if you’d like to proceed with a site inspection.

The construction stage takes up to 7 business days from demolition to plumbing fit-off.

The shower screen installation can take up to another 7 days as this can only be measured once tiling is complete. However sometimes we’re able to re-use the existing shower screen or an off-the-shelf version allows for quick install. 

Because we are familiar with most variables in a leaking shower repair, it is rare to have issues, delays or major variations to our quoted price. The main source of delays might be if we find extensive damage inside the walls or sub-floor although this is very rare.

Yes and we provide a 7 year standard construction industry warranty for your peace of mind.

Simply fill out our quote form here.

Or call, text or email Tim our business manager and your personal shower repair specialist here.

We complete leaking shower repairs and waterproofing bathroom jobs in all of Brisbane – Bayside, Southside, Northside, CBD and Surrounds are our preferred areas. But if you’re from the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast or Ipswich reach out to us and we may be able to assist.

Absolutely, shower leaks rental properties are our speciality. We’re happy to work with owners, property managers and tenants and keep everyone informed throughout the process. Everyone has one dedicated person to call, the manager in charge of the job.

Yes, we will provide you with a QBCC contract once you approve our quote. We are QBCC licenced and insured and will provide you with a Form 43 Waterproofing Certificate and 7 year warranty upon completion. The progress payment plans for our contracts include 3 x separate payments as the job progresses, including an initial deposit to secure your booking.

Brisbane Bathroom Waterproofing is a Brisbane based business. We do not conduct business outside of Queensland, Australia


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