As most commercial managers and construction operators know, unnecessary and ongoing maintenance of a building’s wet areas can cost a company thousands. If this process is not completed to a high standard, it could severely impact the structural integrity of the whole building and cost you thousands in concrete repairs.

Get the job done right the first time with our trusted commercial waterproofing services. 

Brisbane Bathroom Waterproofing has built up a trusted reputation. It’s certified commercial waterproofing contractors will identify your problems and provide you with the most ideal commercial waterproofing solution to keep water-related issues at bay.

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Common Commercial Waterproofing Misconceptions

A common misconception is thinking that concrete is resistant to water. Yet the chemicals and minerals which give concrete its strength can also cause a reaction with the chemicals in water and other liquids. 

Our Brisbane Bathroom Waterproofing team see this as one of the contributing factors that leads to inadequate waterproofing in Brisbane & Gold Coast commercial buildings. When concrete is not protected, it’s vulnerable to concrete spalling or commonly known as “concrete cancer” which is difficult to detect and even harder to treat. 

Brisbane Bathroom Waterproofing is a fully licensed waterproofing team with the highest standard of craftsmanship. We service all of Brisbane and parts of the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

How To Choose The Right Commercial Waterproofing Company?

Prevention is better than the cure. This is especially true when it comes to waterproofing. For this reason, the commercial waterproofing contractors who you choose are essential in keeping your building and its occupants safe.

Here are some tips on to look out for when selecting the right domestic and commercial contractor for you: 

  • Tradespeople who are exclusively focused on waterproofing
  • How well they know the product and service
  • Willingness to communicate 
  • Positive reviews and testimonials 
  • Offers an obligation-free quote
  • Level of experience 

Brisbane Bathroom Waterproofing’s experts live and breathe quality waterproofing of dry and wet areas. We are seasoned professionals in the industry and are exclusively focused on delivering a wide range of high-quality services. Visit our gallery.

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The Risks Of Not Engaging In Highly-Skilled Commercial Waterproofing Contractors

If inadequate waterproofing has been installed or you have cut corners by hiring a subpar contractor, you could face the following issues: 

  • Structural failure as a result of concrete cancer.   
  • Damp conditions that could result in health complications. Prolonged exposure to indoor dampness can reduce a person’s lung function. 
  • Damaged furniture and equipment due to water ingress. 
  • Severe water damage means you could be in violation with the building codes, resulting in temporary or permanent closure of the building. 

Brisbane Bathroom Waterproofing is a fully licenced and qualified team and we are here to help with all the commercial waterproofing services that you require.

Waterproofing Commercial Buildings To Australian Standards

Brisbane Bathroom Waterproofing works to the Australian Standards for Waterproofing AS 4654.1-2012 & AS 4654.2-2012. The standards consider both the materials used and workmanship. When these recommendations are followed, the waterproofing process is reliable and consistent. 

The waterproofing membrane we use is in line with the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards. It is a high quality, non-toxic, water-based liquid membrane that has been tried and tested on over 600 bathrooms.

South East Queensland locations

We service all of Brisbane, including Brisbane Northside and Brisbane Southside, along with parts of the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Talk to us about our free, no obligation quote.

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