When noticing water seepage through a wall in a below ground room or basement, many people often think they’ll need to spend tens of thousands of dollars in exterior earthmoving works to remedy the problem and prevent water damage. Fortunately we can provide a better solution – BBWP Negative Pressure Basement Waterproofing.

Reliable Shower Waterproofing Membrane

It may seem overly cautious to waterproof a wall that’s not yet leaking but the problem with below ground areas is that often the leak only occurs after weeks of rainfall. So we would recommend at least waiting until you’ve had a large amount of rainfall in the area to test your walls moisture levels, before covering them with plasterboard or other coatings that can be expensive to replace once water damages them from behind.

We can come out and assess your walls for their possible leak potential and discuss how we could help you prevent the stressful situation of watering trickling into a bedroom from behind a skirting board.

BBWP Basement Waterproofing – FAQ’s

Our basement waterproofing service is a much cheaper alternative for clients and works by installing durable waterproofing membranes to the interior basement walls using Crommelins two-part waterproofing system. This is commonly known as negative pressure waterproofing and is an excellent solution for many situations.

It’s very likely it is but basements can be more complex to waterproof than above ground rooms and require expert assessment. When we’re called in to fix a below ground leak, we take our time to slowly assess the cause of the issue and the main points of hydrostatic pressure where water is either coming through or at risk of coming through. If your home is suitable for basement waterproofing, the next step is choosing the right membrane.

While quotes for shower leaks and bathroom waterproofing can easily be given over the phone, the assessment of situations where basement waterproofing may be necessary will always require a site visit to provide pricing and advice. However, we can guarantee our quote will be cheaper than the excavation works.

Depending on the size of your basement, the vast majority of jobs are completed over 2 days and can be covered over 24 hours after the final coat is applied. The waterproofing membrane itself can be painted over and look similar to a rendered finish.

We work closely with Crommelin’s expert team to choose the primers, products and coat system they recommend and guarantee will stop the water.

If there is a clear exterior above ground cause to the water penetrating through, Crommelin has an excellent product called Membryl that is UV stable and can withstand many years of direct environmental exposure if installed correctly.

Following installation of our waterproofing system, you will be safe to adhere wall coatings such as plasterboard or render over the top without risk of water ingress from hydrostatic pressure behind the basement walls.

Obviously these would need to be adhered to the walls without penetrating the waterproofing membrane, but fortunately there are many products that can safely bond without decaying the waterproofing over time. It’s simply a question of thinking ahead at the time of waterproofing to make sure that all products used in the next stages of construction are compatible with the Crommelin waterproofing system.

Following installation of our waterproofing system, you will be safe to adhere wall coatings such as plasterboard or render over the top without risk of water ingress from hydrostatic pressure behind the basement walls.

Yes you can. Thanks to our great relationship with Crommelin, we’ve been able to find solutions for almost every kind of situation where water was seeping through somewhere it shouldn’t be and that includes situations where there was still water physically coming through. It’s all about using the right product for the right situation.

If water is only penetrating through the wall in one area it can often be tempting to simply do a quick patch of that one section. Unfortunately, even if the water has been stopped in one area pressure can continue to build behind the wall until a new weak spot is found. This is why it’s crucial to coat the entire area that is submerged below ground to prevent the problem from coming back again and again.

Two storey homes with downstairs brick walls built between 1970 and 2000 are at higher risk of experiencing leaks. If you’ve just bought a home from this era and plan to build-in or enclose the downstairs level, then basement waterproofing could be a good preventative measure.

Absolutely. We follow all safety recommendations from Crommelin to the letter and make safety a priority in everything we do.

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