General – FAQ’s

How do I get a quote?

Simply fill out our quote form here
Or call, text or email Tim our business manager and your personal waterproofing specialist here.

What locations do you service?

All of Brisbane – Bayside, Southside, Northside, CBD and Surrounds are our preferred areas. But if you’re from the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast or Ipswich reach out to us and we may be able to assist.

Are you licenced and insured?

Yes, we are QBCC licenced and fully insured and will provide you with a Form 43 Waterproofing Certificate.

Waterproofing – FAQ’s

What areas do you waterproof?

We currently provide waterproofing services for all bathrooms, laundries, toilets, showers and decks as well as negative pressure waterproofing for areas leaking below ground level.

How much does waterproofing cost?

Every job is different but based on a few questions over the phone we can usually give you an accurate price. We pride ourselves on being competitively priced while providing an exceptional level of quality and service.

What products do you use for waterproofing?

We’ve always trusted Crommelin as our sole supplier of choice for waterproofing products and technical knowledge. All jobs are completed using products from Crommelin which are non-toxic and low VOC and unlike many other waterproofing products, they don’t release any nasty carcinogenic fumes and are the industry standard for safe waterproofing.

What kind of warranty do I get?

We provide a 7 year standard construction industry warranty for your peace of mind on all jobs. Due to the unusual specifics of some jobs we are not able to provide a warranty however this will be discussed and made clear upon quoting.

How long does waterproofing take?

Most internal jobs are a 2-day process. 70% of the work is completed on the first day with the remaining 30% on the second day. Your tiler will be able to begin 12 hours after we complete the second visit.

Leaky Shower Repairs – FAQ’s

We offer customers a one-stop solution for leaky showers – the BBWP Leaky Shower Renovation which you can read about here.

What does a BBWP Leaky Shower Renovation include?

At 30% of the cost of a full bathroom renovation, a BBWP Leaky Shower Renovation is the economical option to precisely renovate your shower from the sub-floor up to fully guarantee it is watertight.

We start by surgically deconstructing the shower, making any repairs and then re-building and waterproofing the shower. Our trusted tilers and shower screen installers then come in to complete their specialised aspects of the job, following which you will be left with a brand new waterproof shower with the rest of your room completely undisturbed.

What can I expect the BBWP Leaky Shower Renovation process to be like?

Our business manager closely oversees all jobs and assists clients from quoting stage through to completion. Our clients are assisted with all decisions including tiles, tapware, shower screens, etc. We place great importance on being trustworthy and reliable by respecting your time and your property.

How much does a BBWP Leaky Shower Renovation cost?

A BBWP Leaky Shower Renovation comes in at around 30% of the price of a full bathroom renovation. However, if the full bathroom is to be renovated later on this can be done without having to redo the shower effectively meaning your pre-paying 30% of your future bathroom renovation now.

Every job is different and we would generally need to inspect your job before being able to provide an exact quote although often measurements and several good photos are enough to give a price range to help you decide if you’d like to proceed with a site inspection.

How long does a BBWP Leaky Shower Renovation take?

Up to 7 days + 7 days for shower screen install.

Because we are familiar with most variables in a leaky shower repair, it is rare to have issues, delays or major variations to our quoted price.

Is a BBWP Leaky Shower Renovation guaranteed to fix my leak?

Yes and we provide a 7 year standard construction industry warranty for your peace of mind.

Can you fix leaking showers in rental properties?

Absolutely, rental properties are our speciality. We’re happy to work with owners, property managers and tenants and keep everyone informed throughout the process.

Are BBWP Leaky Shower Renovation’s completed under a contract?

Yes, we will provide you with a QBCC contract once you approve our quote. We are QBCC licenced and insured and will provide you with a Form 43 Waterproofing Certificate and 7 year warranty upon completion.

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