Bathroom waterproofing is an essential part of the construction process. It is vital that it be carried out correctly to avoid the disruption and expense that is caused when a waterproofing membrane fails.

While it may appear to be a simple job that anyone can do, it is crucial that all manufacturer’s specifications be followed and the waterproofing product, such as waterproofing membranes, be well tested and have a long history of successful use by the installer. 


At Brisbane Bathroom Waterproofing, our waterproofing services have used the same waterproofing product in over 600 bathrooms and other wet rooms. We are confident that our waterproofing services have the best systems in place to ensure your brand new dream bathroom doesn’t turn into a leaky nightmare.

Importance Of Bathroom Renovation Waterproofing

There are a number of reasons why you should renovate your bathroom, from fixing existing issues to a much needed design-facelift.

Renovations can be exciting, but often we get swept away in the excitement of choices for bathroom features and furniture. 

While it’s important to find the right tile, wall panels, bathroom wall sheeting, or vanity, waterproofing will always be the most important part of a bathroom renovation.

Here are a few reasons why engaging one of our Brisbane waterproofer‘s waterproofing services is a great option when starting your bathroom renovations.

Your Gold Coast & Brisbane Bathroom Waterproofing expert will use the right products, waterproofing membranes and techniques in our waterproofing services to:

  • Contain water leaks in dry and wet areas.  
  • Prolong the life of your wall panels, bathroom wall sheeting, bathroom or laundry.
  • Our shower waterproofing team can fix a shower leak and resolve other bathroom waterproofing repairs.
  • Reduce moisture and mould such as in wet wall panels and bathroom walls which can cause health complications.
  • Protect your house from structural damage which can arise if leaking water reaches your bathroom walls, internal walls, wall panels or timber flooring.
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Essential Bathroom Waterproofing Preparation

Before undertaking any waterproofing process, there are a number of items that must be checked.

  • When waterproofing the floor for a bathroom, the subfloor must be solid and free from movement. Movement in the floor increases the probability that the membrane will fail as it stretches back and forth over time.
  • Whether you’re waterproofing bathroom walls, bathroom wall sheeting, fibre cement surfaces, or wall panels, it’s essential that all debris (old tile glue, plaster, dust and bedding) be removed before applying the waterproofing membrane.
    • If the surfaces aren’t clean, the waterproofing will not adhere correctly, resulting in a potential and probable leak.
  • If the area that requires waterproofing is upstairs or on a hardwood floor then it must be sheeted in ceramic tile underlay.
    • The underlay must be both glued and nailed with a minimum of 150 nails per sheet.

If you’re in South East Queensland and wondering, is there a bathroom waterproofer near me? We provide waterproofing services to all of Brisbane & the Gold Coast, including waterproofing in Brisbane Northside and waterproofing in Brisbane Southside, along with parts of the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we would be more than happy to help in any way we can.

The Risks Of Not Using A Licensed Bathroom Waterproofer

Most insurance companies won’t cover the cost of repairing a leaky bathroom if the waterproofing hasn’t been correctly installed by qualified waterproofing contractors and a licensed waterproofer. 


Our waterproofing services provide a Form 16 upon completion which means that you are both covered by our company warranty for 7 years as well as your home and contents insurance if there was ever an issue down the track. 

Additionally, a contractor that is solely focused on making your bathroom water resistant will be familiar with The Building Code of Australia and ensure that waterproofing companies’ work meets Australian Standards.


Why Choose Us For Your Bathroom Waterproofing?

“Would highly recommend Brisbane Bathroom Waterproofing to anyone who is looking to waterproof a bathroom. Mitch was very helpful in offering solutions for our renovation and did a fantastic and professional job for a very fair price. Many thanks Mitch and much appreciated.”

– Drew Cunningham

“Great service, very knowledgeable and helpful. Appreciate the prompt attendance, and good workmanship.”

– Kel Brasher

“Great job, efficient, effective, clean, on time and value for money.”

– Ian Porter

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