Your shower is arguably the most important wet area to have high-quality waterproofing. The chances of water damage in the shower are high if inadequate waterproofing has been installed. In Queensland, there are regulations in place to protect homeowners and tenants from the devastating effects of water ingress. 

It is recommended that you enlist a seasoned professional to complete these services. There are trades that might have a QBCC waterproofing licence, such as plumbers or tilers. However, due to the risks involved, you should hire a qualified waterproofer that is focused solely on the trade.

Your Brisbane Bathroom Waterproofing contractor has specialised experience and is professionally equipped to complete the job. Learn more.

Why Waterproofing Shower Walls and Floors Is So Important

Waterproofing is among the most common building defects reported in Queensland, particularly when it comes to repairing leaking showers and waterproofing shower walls and floors, bathrooms and laundries. This could be due to common misconceptions that concrete cement, bathroom sheets, tile and grout are water resistant. However, grout is actually porous and water flows beneath your tiles as a normal part of bathroom function. 

A waterproofing barrier is required on the floors and walls to prevent water from penetrating these areas and causing structural damage or health complications. Brisbane Bathroom Waterproofing specialises in all of your waterproofing needs. We have renovated over 600 bathrooms and counting.

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Legalities Of Shower Waterproofing Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast Buildings

The Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards (AS 3740-1994) have outlined regulations for shower waterproofing in Brisbane & the Gold Coast that all contractors must comply with. 

Here are the relevant requirements for your shower waterproofing:

  • Shower walls must be waterproofed up to 1800mm at a minimum. 
  • The entire shower floor must be waterproofed.

If you are completing a full bathroom renovation, then you are required to comply with the following regulations:

  • Bathroom walls must be waterproofed up to 150mm at a minimum.
  • If there’s a step down, this must be waterproofed up to 150mm. 
  • The entire bathroom floor will need to be waterproofed if the floor material is anything other than concrete.

These standards were created to regulate the process as the risks of inadequate or inexperienced waterproofing are costly to the structural integrity of your home and pose a risk to your health and safety. We work tirelessly to comply with building codes and Australian Standards and go the extra mile by providing an outstanding level of quality and service.

Specialised Shower Waterproofing Services

We only want the best for our customers and this is expressed in our workmanship across a range of specialised shower waterproofing services: Waterproofing of bathrooms, laundries, toilets and decks

Our waterproofing price includes:

  • Door angle and shower angle
  • Puddle flanges and the floor waste itself
  • We can provide a basic chrome or tile insert floor waste
  • We also look after laundries and other wet areas. 

We service:

Reliable Shower Waterproofing Membrane

Our Brisbane Waterproofing team uses a shower waterproofing membrane called Crommelin Wetite. It is the preferred product for a coat of waterproofing because it is low VOC, non-toxic and the smell doesn’t linger in comparison to other membranes. Crommelin has been developing leading-edge waterproofing products for over 50 years. 

Features and benefits of the product we use:

  • Complies with Building Code of Australia FP1.4 and FP1.7 and P2.2.2 and P.2.4.1
  • Complies with AS 3740 Low VOC content 
  • Drys quickly which helps to speed up the renovation process 
  • Accommodates for structural movement
  • Superior adhesion to varying substrates

Our Commitment To Our Customers

As a company, we are single-handedly responsible for each job. We take extra care to ensure the whole waterproofing process is methodical and efficient. 

Our team has been built around a common goal to provide a trade service to our customers like no other – where communication, reliability, punctuality and professionalism is our core focus.

Providing a gold standard customer experience is our top priority.

This dedication is reflected in our reviews:

“Tim and Mitch have done great work with my big renovation and building project. I had 2 bathroom renos with them. Punctual, professional, thorough and safe is my experience. Well organized, Tim also helped me with other works around the house. I am very happy and satisfied with the waterproofing works here and would recommend their reliable service. They are responsive, friendly and easy to communicate with.”

– Sol Gh

“I cannot even describe how amazing they made an excellent result of their service. Highly recommend and will get back to this team for the next project. Thanks Mitch & Kass.”

– Kyle Park

“Mitch at Brisbane Bathroom Waterproofing was a lucky find for us, couldn’t recommend him highly enough! From the get go he was helpful, responsive and great at explaining the process and what was required. His work was thorough, he left the place tidy afterwards and throughout was a really friendly and professional person to deal with, and was very reasonably priced too. Great service.”

– Alana Hunt

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