Leaking Shower Repair in Brisbane

If you’ve just discovered your bathroom or shower is leaking you’re definitely not alone.

Due to a combination of poor workmanship, cheap untested waterproofing products and the time pressure that is common in the building industry, there is an epidemic of leaking bathrooms and showers in South East Queensland. So what’s the next step once you’ve found a leak?

Leaking Showers Repair Brisbane

The first step is to isolate the cause of the leaking bathroom and in our experience, approximately 90% of the time the leakis due to the failure of the waterproofing itself. 10% of the time though, the plumbing itself is leaking inside the wall. For around $100 a plumber will be able to come out and do a pressure test on your pipes which will either confirm or rule out leaking pipes as the cause of the problem.

Once leaking shower repair process has been ruled out it is highly likely that a failed waterproofing membrane at the base of the shower is the cause of the issue of leaking bathroom. That is where we come in. The best long term option that is guaranteed to solve the issue is to remove the shower screen, tiles, bedding, waterproofing and sheeting in the Shower area. We then repair any rotten flooring or timber studs and rebuild the shower from the ground up, re-sheeting, re-waterproofing, and retiling.

If you would like us to provide leaking showers repair come out and give you a free no-obligation quote or if you just have a question you would like to ask then feel free to give us a call and we would be more than happy to help in any way we can.

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